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As a premium late night venue, we welcome fashionable nightlife attire and designer streetwear. We expect our customers to present themselves in a neat and tidy manner.


Butterfly 73 reserves the right to refuse entry for any patrons who are considered to be inappropriately dressed.

The following items are considered unacceptable:

* Clothing with offensive designs/fight brands;

* Shorts or singlets for men;

* Heavily worn or damaged sneakers;

* Trainers or running shoes including: TNs, Air Maxes, NMDs, etc;

* Red sneakers; 

* Unenclosed, flat footwear including: sandals, slides;

* Sports, athletic, gym attire, including trackpants and sweatpants;

* Sports, athletic brands, including Geedup, Champion, HoodRich, etc.;

* Basketball shoes (some exemptions may apply);

* Fancy dress (exemptions may apply for specific events and functions);

* Excessive face or neck tattoos;

* Distasteful hairstyles, including rat tails and mullets;

The following items must be stored in the cloak room on entry:

* Hats, caps or bandanas (exemptions apply on Thursdays);

* Sunglasses;

* All large bags, backpacks, briefcases and similar items.

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